Hello world.

It’s a pleasure to meet you here. I’d like to introduce to you our newest game development project: Bound by Magic.

Since I, together with my colleagues from xSheetGames, conduct the planning and the development of games in my leisure time as a hobby, and spare time is rare, our time budget must be well planned and scheduled. So, I asked myself some questions:


  • Which game do I absolutely want to make?
  • On which platform would I love to play this game?
  • With whom would it be fun to implement it?
  • How do I make this process as promising and useful as possible


Surprisingly, the answers came easy to me: A few software- and game projects are already behind me. I was able to learn some things about game design, scheduling, development, appointments with publishers, advertising, getting feedback, monetization, marketing and last but not least about the relativity of time. With this set of knowledge, I am confident and dare to try me on my favorite genre, without f***ing up completely. A tribute to many games from my past: A good, oldschool, story-heavy jump’n’run style platformer game. Some role models, hovering around in my head, are: Shovel Knight, Super Mario World, Rayman Origins, Spelunky, Ori and the blind Forest, Rogue Legacy, Guacamelee! und Monkey Island (yes, Monkey Island). Each and every one of these games holds some magical moments. I’d like to try to boil them down and add it to our project. Time will show how good we are doing. But I have a good gut feeling about this.

I for myself do love to play on the PC, XBox or Playstation. So, the engine of our choosing is, of course, Unity3d. Various platforms to distribute? No problem for Unity3d. We certainly aim for a release on Steam Greelight respectively GoG, although the game’s release date is in the far distant future right now.

After thorough and careful consideration of who I would like to have on this team, respectively wich skills do we need, I pulled a Nick Fury and called for the Avengers. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to call some game enthusiasts, jump’n’run experts, graphic artists and software developers my good friends. They heard my cry for help and assembled instantly. During this talk it became more and more clear who has interest in this project and who is going to join me on this adventure.


Hence, this xSheetGames team is formed from the following members:

  • Michael Wagner (project head, lead dev, game design, pr)
  • Harald Lurger (lead art, dev, game design)
  • Peter Stangl (dev, lead pr)
  • Mario Rubak (lead testing, lead game design)
  • Sebastian Stadler (art)
  • Paul Polleres (testing, game design)
  • Sabrina Nötzberger (testing)


Together we’d like to build a challenging, fun, solid experience wich is worth playing. We hope, many people have a fun time playing it and we can learn something new during production. The game is called “Bound By Magic” and started on March 1st 2016. In the meantime we do have a good idea about our art style, a coherent idea about the story we want to tell, the necessary project structure and technologies, detailed vision about the gameplay and where this journey leads. We do have a runable prototype with 2 levels ready, which showes many aspects from the planned gameplay features. Me and the rest of the team looking forward to tell you much more about this game. To keep updated, check the Bound-By-Magic project blog here, the twitter account or the facebook site.

best wishes
Mike / xSheetGames