Paul aka Aech is not only my cousin and godson, but a smart, dexterous and cheerful fellow. One of his biggest hobbies is gaming, which surfaces in a remarkable amount of playtime with the League of Legends and other skill based games. The reason he is as good as he is in most of the games are precision and patience, wich reflects in many other of his hobbies as well. He, for example, is the only person I know personally who can solve a rubics cube. Anotehr example would be the self trained tricks he is capable of performing with his butterfly knives.

He joined the PC master race in 2015, when we assembled his ridiculous fast gaming rig together (he plays a lot longer of course, but befor he used a laptop which I cannot and will not take serious). He is a fast learner with a bright mind, who happens to be lazy at times. What brings me to another huge hobby of him: Procrastination in the depth of the internet, what makes him get every pop culture reference there is and knows every meme ever created. He is prone to the Japan culture, especially Tokio/Akihabara and probably have seen more Anime than the average Japanese sees in one lifetime. He really enjoys good music, may it be punkrock, metal or japanese theme songs.

He has a hilarious sense of humour and is in possession of the ability to bring his jokes on very dry, what makes them even better. In his chest beats a righteous heart combined with a gentle soul who cares about everybody, a rare combination not everyday to encounter. In his dayjob, he started an apprenticeship in plastics engineering (although he doesn’t really like the term plastics, so lets call this job a synthetic craftsman).

Within xSheetGames, he holds the roles of game designer, level designer and a tester.
Thank you for joining in our vision, and keep it up bro.