Have you ever known a guy, who is so goddamn good at a peculiar skill that you were starting to suspect him being the choosen one? Meet Mario, king of WASD-land and a master on the virtual sniper rifle. If his live were to be made into a film, he would probably be embodied by Keanu Reeves himself. With the haircut from Bruce Willis 🙂 Ok, enough said. Just be sure to never be on the opposite team, no matter which game you play.

Mario is working the bass in an Austrian alternative rock / hard rock band called Blackbird, and he is living the bass-player stereotype to the max. Standing in the corner, strumming for his live. Coolness level over 9000. Sadly, the band blew up shortly. I, for myself, keep believing it is only a short creative break. But what do I know, I am just a fan.

What else is there to say about him? We call him Dr. Mario, and every time we do this, he takes his virtual hat off. But, to be honest, he is not a real doctor yet. And judging on the actual progress of his master thesis in network security, on which he works at the moment, it will be a while longer until we can call him Dr. Mario for real. But he is about to get a Master soon, and that is something. On a sidenote, he works as a penetration tester in his dayjob. But don’t be alarmed, it is good, legal work. Nothing nasty. He checks company networks for holes and if he is able to overcome the security systems. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds. He is a well balanced guy with a huge thing for gaming, he has many catchphrases like “Dr. Mario” or “exceptional delicious” and is a straight forward, easy going, fun to hang around kinda guy with not one mean bone in his body.

As one can imagine, apart from his job and his studies and the approximately 15h steam time every day, there is not very much time left for another project. Thus I am all the more happy that he manages to bring up enough time to be the Bound by Magic lead tester, a fellow game designer, a loyal and good friend and another brain, constantly thinking on how to make the game the best experience possible. So, thank you for that, and keep it coming, Bro.