Our team leader Mike told me to write some words about one of our team members.

So, I decided to write about our animator and character designer, who is the husband of my best friend since kindergarden at the same time – his name is Harald. Most of us call him “Hadsch”, but also “Lurge” or “El Lurgo” are hot in the race. If there would be an award for the most nicknames, Harald would surely win it.

So, well… I know him since about 15 years and if there´s one thing I can say about him, it would probably be that you can always have a lot of fun with him. He is certainly the kind of human being who is game for anything.  And he is kind of satisfied and relaxed with nearly everything and hard to bring out the rest. Even when the world would go down, Harald would stay cool and laid-back.  That´s one of the benefits, that helps him to bring up his lovely little son, who was born in November, 2014 and who is the sun in person.

In our project, Harald takes his place mostly in drawing the characters and designing levels as well as our logo and menu graphics.  He works as a software developer and is self-employed since a few months, what he really enjoys.
In his spare time, he spends time with his wife and son, plays the drums in a rock band called “Sustain” (where also our team leader Mike is part of) and together they make enough noise to wake the dead (that could sound a little nasty, but in fact I really love their band since formation, not to reveal I´m a little groupie) – or he sets some new records in running competitions, in which he is quite good at, so one can take a leaf out of his book. (As you can see I´m not really good in writing short sentences :D)

Haralds favourite games are: GTA, Rayman, CS Go, Mario Cart and so on. (Ha, this one was quite short.)

It´s save to say that with Hadsch in our team, it´s never going to be boring because he is always folly ready. I hope you have an imagination of Harald now, if not – or if you have any other questions, don´t be afraid to ask him or anyone else in this team.

Best wishes, kisses & hugs, Sabs