Hello Boys and Girls. It’s me, PeeeZn!

In this team, I perform as software developer and co story writer. In my dayjob, I’m working as a Java developer (mainly Android and JSF).
Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda, Platformer (Rayman, SuperMario)

Last year, I got in touch with Unity3d by accident. I was totally impressed by that framework. For me, this is completely new battleground, but I love to learn and I get great support by my company for this matter.

Normally, when you start working on different languages like C# and Java, the worst thing you can do is to dismiss one, just for the sake of prefering the other. I think that both languages have their pros and cons.

So let’s talk about my personal reasons, to start developing on Bound by Magic.

First, I am able to create a vision, a dream, a thing that I can be proud of. Game development is something different, you don’t need to create a new webpage or a new activity in Android. You can create a whole new world – how you imagine it. For me personally, this is one of the most exciting possibilities in software development.

Second, I can tell the story that we had in mind. Writing the story is one of my main roles in the team and I’m really, really glad to have that chance. I was a singer and songwriter in a band called Blackbird. When this time of my life ended, I decided I want to do creative stuff as a side job. So, I started writing a book called “The Pathfinder Stories” and with “Bound by Magic” I have the chance to bring my writing skills to the next level.

My last words for this team-introduction post are adressed to you:

One of our (and my) main goal is to keep you informed as good as we can and give you the possibility to engage in a discussion with us! Feel free to ask me/us on Twitter, Facebook, Mail whatever!