Meet Sabs, our only team member lacking a Y-chromosom. She is a calm and friendly girl with a bright and sunny attitude and a great sense of humour. As the caring person she is, she is always ready to help everybody and keeps smiling, even if life is not always as easy as pie. Speaking of pie, fun sidefact: She bakes a very delicious pie. 😀

One of her biggest passions is the love for her pets, wich are constantly growing in number. Right now, she is literally living on a little petting zoo with a small pig called Gisbert, a shitsu called Snoopy and countless turtles (I think five at the moment?). Another passion of hers is playing videogames since like forever. She grew up with Mario, Luigi and Yoshi as her stepbrothers and I think she is one of the biggest Nintendo fans I know of. I consider her an expert in jump and run style games, what makes her the perfact match for xSheetGames. She holds the position of “level designer” and “tester” within our team, but cares about many more things.

Whats left to say about her? She is a very likable, humble, honest and genuine person with many friends. She has a thing for alternative indie rock music and an even bigger thing for spongebob squarepants and nerdy stuff like geek earrings in piranha plant shape or necklaces and bracelets and so on. She works as a medical assistant with a physician and has a great relationship with her patients. In August, she is going to marry her boyfriend Peter (not the one on our team).

I am very thankful she is on the team and wants to make this game a reality with us. Sabs, keep up the good work. Best wishes, Mike.